What are the most common work injuries in an office?

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As a workers compensation attorney in Middleton, Wisconsin, I want to clear one thing that you may think that work injuries only happen in dangerous professions, but the reality is that accidents can happen in every profession. Office workers may see more injuries than other fields but often they do not amount to enough to make a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are still many potentially serious injuries you could face when working in an office environment. Fast Company explains that most office injuries are not those that appear right away but that happen over time. The cause is most often bad ergonomics and strain on the body, but accidents also can lead to office injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition affects the wrists and is usually a result of bad posture when typing. It also occurs due to overuse. It causes discomfort and pain in the wrists area. It may also lead to numbness and weakness. Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve has too much pressure on it. You can use exercise to help improve the condition. In some cases, you may require surgery.

Back pain

Sitting hunched over a computer can lead to chronic back pain. You can often relieve pain by adjusting your chair height or your desk height. You may also use stretching to help strengthen your back and supporting muscles.


Falls are common in all industries. In an office, loose papers on the floor, bad flooring or other debris in walkways can easily lead to a serious fall. Injuries can be minor bruises or serious bone breaks.

Eye strain

If you spend all day on a computer, then eye strain is a potential issue. It can lead to vision problems and headaches. You should take regular breaks and practice eye exercises to help relieve strain. You may also need physical therapy to help fix the issue.