After a Work Injury, do not Expect a Motherly Hug from the Workers Compensation Insurance Company

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While some injured workers are treated fairly in Wisconsin, most unfortunately are not. Most injured workers are treated rudely, even with skepticism as to whether they truly were hurt. One could even ask if Adjusters are trained to belittle the Wisconsin injured worker. Dont put up with it, call Mays Law Office at (866)257-0440 for a free consultation and tips on what the workers compensation carrier won’t tell you, such as 

You are entitled to 100% reimbursement for medical mileage to/from doctor and therapy appointments

If you are getting a lost time benefit (also called TTD benefit), is the average weekly wage calculated correctly – most are not; 

You can choose your own doctor/medical provider – never treat with the “company doctor

If instructed to see an IME or socalled “Independent Medical Examinerthere is nothing “independentabout this exam. You have rights on how to handle these insurance-paid exams

Nurses assigned to attend your medical appointments do not have the automatic right to come into your exams or guide your medical treatment; 

Employers have to offer you accommodating work that meets your physical restrictions while healing from a work injury, if not then a losttime benefit needs to be paid to you for missing work; 

If your injury is severe enough to cause permanent disability and you have lost your job, or an equivalent paying job, then likely you are eligible to pursue Retraining or a loss of Earning Capacity 


If your injury is severe enough that it leaves you disfigured, such as a serious scar, limp, amputation then you are entitled to an additional benefit called Disfigurement

Be cautious – don’t let the workers compensation insurance carrier stall, claiming week after week that they are “investigating” your injury. Likely, if the claim takes more than two weeks to investigate then it will be denied. Call Mays Law Office immediately. Never accept a denial of your work injury without calling or Emailing Mays Law Office first,