DUI Lawyers in Fitchburg, WI

DUI Lawyers in Fitchburg, WI

If you’ve recently been caught by the police for drunk driving, you’re probably terrified of going to jail, having to pay a hefty fine, and having your driver’s license revoked. Mays Law Office, LLC understands the importance of protecting your rights and interests now and in the future. When you deal with our law firm, you will have exclusive access to our DUI Defense Attorney in Fitchburg, WI throughout the process. We are committed to reaching the best possible solution in your case, and we put in the time and resources necessary to do so.

Our DUI Defense Attorney in Fitchburg, WI understand the life-altering ramifications of a DUI charge, which is why we fight so hard to protect the rights of our clients. In addition to “holding their hands” throughout their trials, we provide active representation and establish innovative legal tactics to combat their accusations and obtain positive outcomes.

Cases that our DUI Defense Attorney in Fitchburg, WI Can Defend

A DUI/DWI, impaired driving, or other drunk driving criminal charges can be overwhelming for some people. There are varieties of elements that we take into consideration when defending our clients, such as:

  • To conduct a traffic stop, police officers must have a valid basis to believe you are guilty of a crime. We check to see if law enforcement had sufficient justification or if your rights were infringed.
  • Results of a sobriety test may not be accurate if cops do not adequately explain the exam or do not execute it in well-lit settings, or if they are just not well trained. Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) are part of our training at Mays Law Office, LLC. If they’re performing them incorrectly, we’ll know right away.
  • It is important to remember that just though a breathalyser shows a level higher than the legal limit for driving; it does not guarantee that the findings are correct. It is possible to get a false positive due to user mistake or faulty findings.

The number of clients a lawn firm has is the best metric for evaluating a law firm’s performance. And that’s what sets our business apart in the realm of DUI defense: success. For the most part, attorneys who “manage” drunk driving cases have neither the knowledge nor motivation to help their clients get their lives back on track. When it comes to these kind of issues, we have a perfect track record of success.

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Fitchburg, WI Are Here for You

Your chances of beating these accusations increase exponentially as soon as you have a competent defense attorney in your corner. It’s practically impossible to anticipate the legal and technological snags you’ll run across while protecting yourself against such accusations. Even if we can settle a matter out of the courtroom, our success doesn’t solely come from accepting and negotiating plea agreements. Rather than settling fast, our Wisconsin DUI lawyers prepare each case as if it will go to trial and defend when others would want to deal.

You can reach Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719 for further details about how our DUI Defense Attorney in Fitchburg, WI can help, please contact us. We will arrange for an initial case evaluation to begin the process, or you may send your request via our Contact Us form.

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