DUI Defense Attorney in Madison, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Madison, WI

You have worked hard to shape and build your life and have earned the respect of people you know. If you are facing a DUI charge, you may suffer fear, embarrassment, and worry about your future, and you are likely to lose a great deal. You may have to forfeit your driver’s license, freedom, and economic stability.

If you have been arrested or charged with driving under the influence you need an expert DUI defense attorney in Madison, WI, to assess your case and explore your legal options. Our attorneys at Silva & Silva are devoted to offering exceptional legal counsel to our clients. Even for a first conviction of DUI, a prosecution has serious consequences.

Cases Handled By Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Madison, WI

We will argue for sentence reductions, release, or acquittal on your behalf, and we will defend your fundamental rights and liberties. Our lawyers are adept at discovering and exploiting weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. We can defend you against the above DUI offences.

  • First offences
  • Multiple transgressions
  • Felony OWI
  • Negatives and McNeely Issues
  • OWI leading to injury

You need an expert that comprehends your problems, communicates with you, focuses on your experience, and incorporates them into the court strategy. We will evaluate all relevant countermeasures, including resistance to breath and blood tests, as well as other claims and investigative issues. We will defend your legal rights in court and during the administrative process of retaining or regaining your driver’s license.

Throughout Your DUI Case, We Focus On The Following

When facing a DUI in you will need an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Madison, WI, to defend your case and give you with strong legal counsel. Our attorneys are well-versed in DUI-specific concerns, including:

  • Was the police’s decision to halt the vehicle justifiable?
  • How did law enforcement conduct field sobriety testing, and how accurate were the results?
  • Was your arrest justifiable?
  • Your right to refuse breath, urine, or blood work to collect evidence may have been violated.

Several times, our DUI defense lawyers in Madison, WI have successfully contested charges and fines in court, resulting in dismissals. Avoid prosecution and maintain a clean driving record and reputation. In circumstances involving intoxicated driving, there are severe deadlines for initiating legal action; thus, you must approach us soon.

Professional DUI Defense Lawyers in Madison, WI

Even if we successfully negotiate an out-of-court settlement, admissions are not the only indicators of our achievement. Although some customers require a quick resolution, our attorneys research each case and plan for court and defend their clients’ legal rights. Regardless of the charges brought against you, we will provide you with the best defense available. We will engage in a preliminary conversation with you to evaluate the veracity of your arguments and construct a convincing case.

You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Madison, WI are here to help. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a consultation to discuss your case and all the legalities.

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