Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Lancaster, WI

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Lancaster, WI

The Lancaster, WI workers’ compensation lawyers at Mays Law Office LLC will help you with your case. All businesses in Wisconsin are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. In the event of a work-related injury, this insurance would compensate for medical costs and missed wages. Workers’ insurance claims are regularly denied by insurance companies, forcing them to file lawsuits. 

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Lancaster, WI

Each employee may rely on our attorneys to obtain the compensation they are entitled to following a workplace injury. For this procedure, a workers’ compensation attorney is necessary. Despite many others in the area asserting the same, our lawyers have the best reputation in the industry. They regularly create helpful solutions for customers across many industries.

When to Speak with Our Lancaster, Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

    If any of the following happens following a work-related injury, kindly let us know:
  • You have to give your employer’s insurance or your employer a written statement.
  • You receive a letter requesting an independent medical evaluation by a doctor the workers’ compensation insurance provider has chosen.
  • You are denied worker’s compensation in a letter.
  • Your employer might terminate you or put you on an extended leave following a work-related injury.
  • Your workplace accident has left you with lifelong limits or other problems.
  • You are unable to work due to your impairments.
  • You suffered a work-related neck, shoulder, or head injury, and the status of your claim is pending.
  • Your disability claim will not be fully compensated, according to a decision made by your workers’ compensation insurer.

Your Lancaster, WI workers’ compensation attorney will help you get reimbursed for lost wages, medical expenses, and mental and physical suffering. Following a catastrophe, many of the clients’ immediate families are concerned about the welfare of their loved ones and are under pressure to deal with the possibility of high medical expenses.

We provide superior legal services. Our attorneys make every effort to put together a strong argument, interact with you, comprehend your perspective, and provide the best legal counsel attainable. You can count on us to take all the necessary actions to make sure you get the proper return.

    Clients Our Lancaster, Wisconsin, Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Represent

    Our legal team represents a range of customers from industries and occupations, including:

    • Line workers
    • Meatpackers
    • Daycare providers
    • Building contractors
    • Carpentry workers
    • Physicians and nurses
    • Mechanics
    • Plumbing professional
    • Commercial drivers
    • Roofers
    • Welding professionals
    • Electricians

    Even the most complicated issues can be handled by us because of our knowledge and expertise. Our attorneys are qualified to handle your claim since they have experience with many workers’ compensation claims including a variety of illnesses. No matter how difficult the circumstance, we tenaciously defend the rights of our clients. Our legal team works closely with you to ensure that your rights are always upheld and that you receive the support and representation you are entitled to during this trying time.

    Our Lancaster, Wisconsin workers’ compensation attorneys take the time to assess the merits of your claim. We are available to assist you in building a solid defense and strategically organizing your lawsuit for the best result. Please contact us at this email address for further information, or call the Mays Law Office at 608-257-0440 to schedule a consultation. One of our professionals will listen to your case carefully.



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