DUI Defense Attorney In Wisconsin Rapids, WI

DUI Defense Attorney In Wisconsin Rapids, WI

DUI charges may be brought against anyone caught trying to drive after drinking. To remove these people from the streets, the government has intensified its efforts. Contrary to popular belief, the evidence for this offense does not require any sign of intoxication. Our DUI Defense Lawyers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, are experienced in defending clients against these allegations.

Why Hire Proven DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin Rapids, WI?

The Mays Law Office, LLC is aware of how important it is to preserve your rights and liberties. Many people are arrested for drunk driving after just a few alcoholic products. Unfortunately, a split-second error could result in serious consequences like being arrested, getting jailed, or losing one’s driving privileges.

In addition, more and more people are being detained for drunk driving. In circumstances like this, you need knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin Rapids, WI because you might be taken into custody even if you take some prescribed meds and drive.

Different Cases Handled by Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

You should consult a DUI defense lawyer to represent your interests and get sound legal advice. If you’ve been accused of DUI, our attorneys are knowledgeable in a range of DUI-related fields, including:

  • Was it appropriate for the officer to stop the car?
  • Roadside sobriety checks: Have the outcomes of the common field sobriety tests that law enforcement has used been trustworthy?
  • Was the cause of your arrest justified?
  • Without your permission, a blood, urine, or breath test was offered to you.

We have defended clients in cases against serious DUI circumstances with the aid of our DUI Defense Lawyers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, leading to acquittals and dismissals. Keep your driver’s record spotless to avoid charges. There are strict time constraints for trying to bring litigation in cases involving drunk driving, so you must contact us right away.

Expert DUI Defense Lawyers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

A law firm’s performance can be evaluated by taking into account both the number of clients they represent and the kinds of cases that are tried. In a variety of DUI cases, this level of experience sets us apart from other law firms. Many DUI Defense Lawyers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI who accept cases involving driving drunk lack the expertise and motivation required to aid their clients in taking back their lives. We are experts at overcoming challenges of this nature.

If you have a skilled and aggressive attorney on your side, your odds of success disputing these accusations rise significantly. You need DUI Defense lawyers in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, on your side because it is nearly impossible to foresee every legal and technological hurdle you might encounter when trying to defend yourself against these accusations. Even if we are successful in reaching a compromise outside of court, our success is not solely reliant on admission and negotiation.

Even though some people would rather have a quick resolution, our attorneys always get ready for trial and fight for their clientele in each unique situation. We will always present the best defense for you in court, regardless of the charges that have been brought against you.

You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Wisconsin Rapids, WI are here to help. We will have an initial consultation with you to determine the basis of your case and build a good argument. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a meeting.


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