DUI Defense Attorney in Verona, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Verona, WI

Mays Law Office’s DUI Defense Attorneys In Verona, WI, know that for many clients, dealing with a DUI allegation is their first experience with the local court system. A person detained for DUI may speak to the hardship of the process. It can be challenging to figure out how to deal with these allegations in a way that complies with the law while incurring the fewest potential penalties.

A conviction for operating while intoxicated or related offenses called “prohibited alcohol concentration,” or PAC, has severe and enduring consequences. Drivers accused of DUI face many collateral consequences beyond financial penalties and legal sanctions, including loss of driving privileges, increased motor insurance premiums, and difficulty gaining admission to or retaining employment. We have helped several people who came to us with PAC and OWI situations. Our DUI defense attorneys will vigorously defend your rights and interests in Verona, WI.

Why You Need Skilled DUI Defense Attorneys In Verona, WI

What follows is an overview of Wisconsin’s laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol:

  • Drunk driving in Wisconsin is known as “Operating While Impaired” or “Prohibited Alcohol Concentration” (OWI).
  • It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, liquor, or other substances that induce impairment.
  • If a police officer suspects that a driver has been drinking and driving, they can pull them over and test their blood alcohol content (BAC) regardless of whether or not they are above the legal limit. Many drivers are wrongly accused of driving under the influence while their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below the legal limit.
  • If the amount of alcohol in your blood is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, you will be arrested for driving while drunk or at PAC.
  • Previous convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) and Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (BAC) are associated with harsher sentences (PAC).
  • It is a legal requirement that a person’s driving privileges be revoked after being arrested for driving under the influence. Please be aware that the length of these prohibitions varies.

The penalties for driving under the influence might be increased in severity. A fifth or subsequent OWI conviction carries the same potential penalties as a first conviction. After a conviction for DUI/DWI, the ignitions of the vehicles owned by the offender may be disabled. As a result of the numerous factors at play in each circumstance, prices might vary widely from one case to the next.

Expert DUI Defense Attorneys In Verona, WI

The court will automatically suspend your license for six months if you do not request a hearing before ten days of your conviction. Long before the trial even begins, this restriction will take effect. You can lose driving privileges even if you’ve never been convicted of OWI or PAC. However, there is still an opportunity for us to keep you on the road by convincing the administrative suspension hearing officer that the DUI charges against you are baseless.

Let us know right away if anything changes so we can work to keep your license from being revoked. The lawyers at The Freedom Center are available to assist you in protecting your legal rights. We will defend your right to receive fair treatment no matter how severe the allegations are. It’s best to get in touch with us as soon as possible for the best results.

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