DUI Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI

DUI Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI

It is normal to fear being imprisoned, receiving a severe sentence, and having your license suspended if the police have stopped you for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. For Mays Law Office, LLC, protecting your rights is of the utmost importance. You will have easy access to them when dealing with our Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin DUI Defense Attorneys. To get the best possible result in your case, we put in the necessary time and effort.


The rights of our clients, who face potentially life-changing consequences if found guilty of DUI, are fiercely defended by our DUI defense lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI. Additionally, in order to help our clients fight their cases and achieve a favorable outcome, we craft novel legal strategies and defend their claims in court.

Cases That Our DUI Defense Attorney In Prairie du Chien, WI Can Defend

Most people find it upsetting to be accused of DUI/DWI, drunk driving, or a similar offense. Some of the factors we consider when advocating for our clients include the following:

Law enforcement must have a solid suspicion that you are guilty of the offense before they can stop your car. We look into whether law enforcement’s restrictions on your civil liberties were justified or not.


The results of a sobriety test might not be accurate if the officers administering it are not properly trained, if they do not completely explain it to the subject, or if the test is not conducted in a well-lit area. Each of our lawyers has received training in the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFSTs). If they don’t do the tasks well, we’ll know right away.


A breathalyzer reading above the limit allowed for driving does not always imply that the results are reliable. This needs to be announced. True positives could be caused by erroneous assumptions or human error.


Think about a legal firm’s clientele while assessing its success. We stand out from the competition because we can achieve this level of success in DUI situations. The vast majority of lawyers who “handle” drunk driving cases lack the expertise and zeal necessary to help their clients recover their lives. When it comes to conquering difficulties of this kind, we have an unblemished track record.

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Prairie du Chien, WI, Are Here to Help

Your chances of winning in court are increased when you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. When defending oneself against such accusations, it is quite difficult to anticipate technological and legal challenges. Our effectiveness is not only dependent on accepting and negotiating plea deals, regardless of how many hours we can save by skipping court. Our DUI Defense Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI prepare each case as though it would go to trial and fight when the other party wants to settle, as opposed to quickly coming to an agreement.


For more information on how our DUI Defense Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI may assist, call Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. You can submit your request via our Contact Us form, and we’ll set up an initial case evaluation to get things started. In addition to the local areas around Madison and Middleton, Wisconsin, we serve clients there.

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