DUI Defense Attorney in Mauston, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Mauston, WI

You have worked diligently to plan and build your life, earning the respect of those you know. You may experience dread, shame, and anxiety about your future if you are facing a DUI accusation, and you stand to lose a great deal. You may lose your driver’s license, your independence, and your financial security.

If you have been accused or arrested with driving while drunk you need an experienced DUI defense attorney in Mauston, WI, to evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options. Our attorneys at Silva & Silva are devoted to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation. Even for the first conviction of DUI, the implications of prosecution are severe.

Cases Handled By Our DUI Defense Lawyers In Mauston, WI

We will advocate on your behalf for sentencing reductions, parole, or acquittal, and we will safeguard your basic rights and freedoms. Our attorneys are skilled in identifying and exploiting holes in the original investigation against you. We can protect you against the below DUI violations.

  • First-time crimes are punished less severely
  • Multiple infractions
  • Felony OWI
  • Rejections and McNeely Concerns
  • OWI causing injury

You want a professional that comprehends your issues, talks with you, focuses on your experiences, and integrates them into the courtroom method. We will assess any pertinent countermeasures, such as resistance to breath and blood testing, along with other allegations and investigative difficulties. We will protect your lawful rights both in court and throughout the administrative procedure of maintaining or recovering your driver’s license.

In Your DUI Case, We Concentrate On These Aspects

When you work with us you can count on us to provide you with sound legal advice. Our attorneys are familiar with DUI-specific matters, such as:

  • Was the action of the police to stop the car justifiable?
  • How did police departments administer field sobriety tests, and how precise were the results?
  • Was your detention justifiable?
  • Possible violation of your right to reject breath, urine, or blood testing to collect evidence.

Our DUI defense attorneys in Mauston, WI, have successfully disputed charges and fines in court on several occasions, resulting in dismissals. Avoid prosecution and keep your driving record and reputation spotless. In cases involving drunk driving, there are stringent deadlines for initiating legal action; therefore, you must contact us immediately.

Expert DUI Defense Attorneys In Mauston, WI

Even if we effectively negotiate a settlement outside of court, admissions are not the sole indication of our accomplishment. Although some clients need a rapid resolution, our attorneys investigate each case, prepare for court, and defend the legal rights of their clients. We will provide you with the best possible defense, regardless of the allegations levelled against you. We shall have a preliminary discussion with you to assess the accuracy of your facts and develop a persuasive case that will provide the best outcome.

You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Mauston, WI are here to help. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a consultation to discuss your case and all the legalities. We work closely with you so you get the support you need during this difficult time.

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