DUI Lawyers in Lancaster, WI

DUI Lawyers in Lancaster, WI

You have put a lot of effort into creating a life. Others who care about you value your family, career, and way of life. You can feel scared, ashamed, and worried about the future if you are suspected of driving under the influence. You stand to lose a great deal. You can even lose your freedom, independence, and financial security.


You need a proactive and knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney in Lancaster, WI, to evaluate your case and lay out your options if you have been accused of drunk driving or stopped for it. Our specialists at Silva & Silva are committed to giving our clients the best legal advice available. DUI arrests come with harsh penalties, even if it’s a first offense.

Types of Cases our DUI Defense Attorney in Lancaster, WI Can Handle

We will fight for a lighter sentence, a dismissal from the case, or an acquittal while defending your rights and liberties. Our defense lawyers are seasoned prosecutors who are adept at finding and exposing weaknesses in the state’s case against you. We can defend you against the following drunk driving charges:

  • First-time offenders receive less harsh punishment
  • Multiple transgressions
  • Felony OWI Rejections and McNeely Concerns
  • OWI causing harm


You also need a lawyer who will listen to you and understand how the accusation affects your life and family. You need legal representation that prioritizes communication with you and builds it into your defense plan. We will research every viable defense strategy, including challenging the traffic stop, breath, blood, and field sobriety tests, as well as other aspects of the arrests and investigation. Both in the criminal justice system and during the administrative process of defending your driver’s license or removing a revocation or suspension, we will uphold your rights.

The Focus Of Our Attention During The Case

In order to defend your case and give you competent legal counsel, you will need a skilled DUI defense lawyer in Lancaster, WI. Our defense lawyers are knowledgeable in issues relating to DUIs, such as:

  • Was it legal for the cops to pull over the car?
  • Testing for intoxication in the field: Were the standard field sobriety tests appropriately administered by law enforcement, and were the results reliable?
  • Legal detention: Was there a good reason for keeping you in custody?
  • Was your right to refuse to provide a breath, urine, or blood sample for examination violated?


Our DUI defense lawyers in Lancaster, WI have successfully defended DUI cases against challenges and prosecutions, leading to mistrials and dismissals. Maintain a flawless driving record and avoid prosecution. You must get in touch with us right away since there are stringent deadlines for starting legal actions in cases involving drunk driving.

Expert DUI Defense Lawyers In Lancaster, WI

Even if we are successful in settling a matter outside of the courts, our success is not reliant only on admission and bargaining. While some people might prefer a quick settlement, our attorneys prepare every case for trial and protect their clients’ interests. We always present the strongest defense, regardless of the accusations made against you. To evaluate the foundation of your argument and create a strong argument, we will first talk with you.


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