DUI Defense Attorney in Jefferson, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Jefferson, WI

You have put remarkable effort into building your life. Those that value you do so because of who you are and the way you conduct your existence. You may suffer worry, shame, and anxiousness about your prospects if facing a DUI sentence, and you stand to lose a great deal. You might forfeit your driver’s license, your economic freedom, and your liberty.

If you have been accused of or charged for driving while drunk, you need a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney in Jefferson, WI, to evaluate your situation and explain your alternatives. Our lawyers at Silva & Silva are committed to delivering superior legal counsel to our clients. Even for the first DUI offense, an arrest carries serious repercussions.

Case Types Our DUI Defense Attorney in Jefferson, WI, Can Handle

On your behalf, we will advocate for punishment reductions, parole, or acquittal, and we will protect your basic rights and liberties. Our defense lawyers are skilled at identifying and exploiting holes in the prosecution’s case regarding you. We can protect you against the mentioned DUI charges.

  • First-time offender
  • Multiple breaches
  • McNeely Issues
  • Criminal DUI Controversy
  • Rejections
  • Drunk driving results in injuries

You want a specialist that understands your concerns, listens to you, concentrates on your interactions and combines them into your defense plan. We will assess all potential countermeasures, such as resistance to the screenings, breath and blood samples, as well as other elements of the allegations and inquiry. We will protect your legal rights both in court and throughout the administrative procedure of keeping or regaining your driver’s license.

Matters We Focus On During Your DUI Case

For a DUI accusation, you will need a skilled DUI defense attorney, to represent you and provide you with sound legal advice. Our defense lawyers have worked on a large number of similar cases over the years and they have extensive knowledge of DUI-specific issues, such as:

  • Was the car’s stop by the police justified?
  • How did law enforcement conduct the standard field sobriety tests and how reliable were the results?
  • Was your detention justifiable?

Your right to decline an evidence-gathering breath, urine test, or give a blood sample may have been breached.

In a number of instances, our DUI defense attorneys in Jefferson, WI, have challenged in court accusations and charges, resulting in dismissals. Avoid prosecution and keep your license and driving record clean. In situations involving drunk driving, there are strict deadlines for commencing legal proceedings; thus, you must contact us quickly.

Expert DUI Attorneys In Jefferson, WI

Even if we are able to negotiate a settlement outside of court, admissions and settlements are not the sole predictors of our success. Although some clients desire a quick settlement, our lawyers prepare each case for court and protect the legal rights of their clients. Regardless of the accusations made against you, we will always present the greatest possible defense. We will conduct an initial consultation with you to assess the merits of your case and formulate a convincing argument.

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