DUI Defense Attorney In Hartford, WI

 DUI Defense Attorney In Hartford, WI

Whoever consumes alcoholic beverages and runs a motor vehicle faces the danger of being charged with driving under the influence. Government attempts to remove law breakers off the roadways have risen. A common misperception is that an individual must be inebriated in order to be charged with this offence.

Why You Need Skilled DUI Defense Lawyers in Hartford, WI?

Mays Law Office, LLC understands the importance of protecting your rights and freedoms. A number of people get arrested for DUI after drinking a few alcoholic beers. Unfortunately, a brief lapse of judgment may result in long-lasting consequences, such as detention, a jail sentence, or a lengthy suspension of driving rights.

In addition, the arrest rate for driving under the intoxicated continues to climb. Individuals may be imprisoned even if they are following their physician’s instructions on the use of prescribed drugs, which raises special difficulties.

Varieties Of DUI Cases Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Hartford, WI Handle

If you have been caught for driving under the influence, you need to have a qualified DUI defense attorney in Hartford, Wisconsin, to defend your case and provide you with sound legal advice. Our defense attorneys are proficient in DUI-specific matters, including:

  • Was the police authorized to stop the vehicle?
  • Field sobriety testing – Did law enforcement conduct the standard field sobriety tests correctly, and were the conclusions accurate?
  • Legal detention – Did your arrest have justification?
  • You had the right to decline to submit to a breath, urine, or blood test as evidence, didn’t you?
  • Our attorneys in Hartford, WI have successfully defended DUI cases against disputes and prosecutions, resulting in acquittals and dismissals. Avoid prosecution and keep your license and driving record spotless. In cases involving drinking and driving, there are strict time limits for initiating legal proceedings; consequently, you must contact us immediately.

Expert DUI Defense Lawyers In Hartford, WI

Analyzing the sorts of offenses handled and the quantity of clients serviced can help measure the effectiveness of law practice. This degree of proficiency in a range of DUI circumstances differentiates us from other local businesses. The majority of DUI defense attorneys in Hartford, Wisconsin who “handle” drunk driving cases lack the knowledge and motivation to assist their clients in rebuilding their lives. We have a flawless record of overcoming hurdles of this nature.

Once you have a competent defense attorney on your side, the chances of beating these allegations increase greatly. It is nearly impossible to anticipate the legal and technological challenges you may encounter when defending yourself against such claims, which is why professional DUI Defense Lawyers in Hartford, WI will be with you throughout the case

Even if we are successful in resolving a dispute outside of court, our success is not contingent solely on admission and negotiation. While some would prefer to settle fast, our attorneys prepare every case for trial and safeguard their clients. Regardless of the allegations against you, we will always give the strongest defense.

During this consultation, they will determine how solid your case is so they can build a good argument. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a meeting. You can contact Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719 and our DUI Defense Attorneys in Hartford, WI are here to help in your case.

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