DUI Defense Attorney in Greenfield, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Greenfield, WI

You have worked really hard to secure your life. Those that love you appreciate who you are and the way you conduct it. You may suffer dread, remorse, and worry about the future when facing a DUI conviction, and you risk losing a great deal. You may lose your driving license, your financial soundness, and your freedom.

If you were charged with or accused of drunk driving in you need an experienced and proactive DUI defense attorney in Greenfield, WI, to examine your case and explain your alternatives. Our attorneys at Silva & Silva are committed to delivering the finest quality legal counsel to our clients. Even for the first offense, a DUI arrest carries severe repercussions.

Case Classes Our DUI Defense Lawyer In Greenfield, WI Can Handle

We will advocate on your behalf for sentence reductions, parole, or acquittal, and we will protect your constitutional rights and liberties. Our defense attorneys are skilled at identifying and exposing holes in the prosecution’s case against you. We are able to defend you against the below DUI charges:

  • First-time offenders receive a lighter sentence.
  • Multiple transgressions
  • Felony DUI Controversies
  • McNeely Concerns
  • Rejections
  • Drunk driving results in injuries.

Furthermore, you need an attorney who will concentrate on what you say and comprehend how the allegation impacts your and your family’s well-being. You need an expert who focuses on and incorporates your interactions into your defense plan.

We will consider all potential countermeasures, including opposing the screens, blood and breath samples, and other aspects of the allegations and inquiry. We will defend your rights in the courts of law and the administrative procedure for keeping or recovering your driver’s license.

Aspects We Consider While Handling The Case

If you have been charged with DUI you will need an experienced DUI defense attorney in Greenfield, WI, to defend your case and provide you with sound legal advice. Our defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of DUI-specific concerns, including:

  • Was the vehicle’s stop by law enforcement justified?
  • How precisely did law enforcement perform the standard field sobriety tests, and whether the results were precise?
  • Was your arrest justifiable?
  • Your right to decline an evidence-gathering breath, urine, or blood test may have been infringed.

Our DUI defense attorneys in Greenfield, WI, have successfully fought several cases opposing arguments and accusations, resulting in dismissals. Avoid prosecution and keep your license and driving record clean. There are strict deadlines for commencing legal proceedings in circumstances involving intoxicated driving; thus, you should contact us quickly.

Expert DUI Attorneys in Greenfield, WI

Even if we are capable of negotiating an out-of-court settlement, our success is not based entirely on admission and settlement. Although some clients desire a speedy resolution, our attorneys prepare each case for trial and protect the legal rights of their clients. Regardless of the charges against you, they will always present the greatest possible defense. We will conduct an initial consultation with you in order to examine the merits of your case and craft a convincing argument.

You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Greenfield, WI are here to help. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up the initial consultation where we understand the facts of your case.


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