DUI Defense Attorney In Fond Du Lac, WI

DUI Defense Attorney In Fond Du Lac, WI

A motorist who consumes alcohol before to driving a vehicle runs the danger of being arrested and prosecuted for driving under the influence. The government has strengthened its efforts to combat drunk driving. The common perception is that an individual must be intoxicated to be charged with this crime. In reality, several people get charged with DUI even after consuming only a few alcoholic beers.

Why You Require a DUI Defense Lawyer in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

The Mays Law Office, LLC is mindful of your rights and liberties. A period of bad judgement on your part, may end in imprisonment, a criminal record, or the suspension of driving rights. Moreover, the number of individuals arrested for driving while impaired is increasing. The fact that individuals may be detained even if they follow with their doctor’s advice regarding the use of prescription drugs and continue to drive raises significant issues.

Case Classes Our Fond Du Lac, WI, DUI Lawyers Handles

If you have been arrested and charged for drunk driving, you will need a lawyer who has handled similar cases. Our DUI defense attorneys have extensive experience with the following case types: 

  • Was it permissible for the police to stop the vehicle?
  • How well did law enforcement administer the standardized field sobriety test?
  • Is it true that you were held without apparent cause?
  • Did You reject a breath, urine test, or blood samples as evidence? 

Our Fond du Lac, Wisconsin DUI defense attorneys have successfully fought against DUI accusations and court battles. Avoid imprisonment and maintain your driving rights. If you want a strong defense against a DUI accusation, you should contact us right away.

How Our Fond du Lac, Wisconsin DUI Lawyer Can Assist

The number of successfully concluded cases and clients represented can be used to measure the success of a legal business. Our success under these conditions distinguishes us from the competition. The majority of lawyers who handle drunk driving cases lack the commitment and experience to help their clients reconstruct their lives.

 We have worked with a number of such challenging circumstances in the past. Your chances of being acquitted increase considerably if you have a professional criminal defense attorney focusing on your case. Our experts will guide you during the whole process so that your defense against these charges is as strong as possible. Very few other lawyers are as committed as we are to clients facing a DUI charge.

 Our success is not contingent on whether we seek a settlement outside of court. The attorneys at our company prepare each case for trial, whereas other legal firms prefer to settle. Regardless of the types of allegations made against you, we will always provide the strongest defense available.

 One of our experts will call you to begin the process and keep things on track. In order to make a very convincing argument, they will evaluate how strong your case is during the initial consultation and will then proceed to develop the strongest case possible. You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Fond Du Lac, WI are here to help. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a meeting.


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