DUI Defense Attorney in Columbus, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in Columbus, WI

A person is liable for arrest and punishment for driving while under the influence if they consume alcohol and then drive a motor vehicle. Authorities have increased their efforts to combat drunk driving. The common perception is that an individual must be intoxicated to be accused of this offence. In truth, several individuals get charged with DUI despite consuming just a few alcoholic beverages.

Why You Require Skilled DUI Defense Attorneys In Columbus, WI

Mays Law Office, LLC knows the significance of protecting your rights and liberties.  Poor judgment in that moment can have long-lasting negative consequences, such as incarceration, a criminal record, or a lengthy suspension of driving privileges.

 In addition, the number of persons arrested for drunk driving is increasing. Significant concerns are raised by the fact that persons may be jailed even if they adhere to their physician’s instructions about the use of prescription drugs.

Case Classes Our Columbus, WI DUI Attorneys Handle

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who can successfully represent you in court. Our defense attorneys have extensive experience resolving DUI cases, including:

  • Was the police authorized to stop the vehicle?
  • Did the police conduct the normal field sobriety tests properly, and were the findings reliable?
  • Were there legitimate reasons for your arrest?
  • Were you right in refusing to accept a breath, urine, or blood sample as evidence? 

Our DUI Defense Lawyers in Columbus, WI have successfully fought against court battles and DUI accusations, resulting in their dismissal. Avoid incarceration and maintain your license and record. There are strict deadlines for fighting claims of drunk driving, therefore you must contact us immediately.

Expert DUI Defense Lawyers in Columbus, WI

Determine the success of a legal practice based on the number of cases handled and the number of customers serviced. Our ability to accomplish this level of success in DUI cases sets us apart from competing businesses. The great majority of lawyers who “manage” drunk driving cases lack the motivation and skill to assist their clients rebuild their lives.  

We have never been unable to overcome obstacles of this kind. With an experienced attorney at your side, your odds of success defending yourself against these charges increase substantially. It is impossible to anticipate the technological and legal obstacles you may face while defending yourself against such charges; thus, we will be by your side throughout the entire process.

 Even if we are able to reach a settlement outside of court, accepting and presenting it is not essential to our success. Our lawyers prepare each matter for trial and protect clients, whilst other attorneys would rather settle. No matter the claims brought against you, we will always provide the strongest possible defenses. Our attorneys will first consult with you. During this meeting, they will assess the strength of your case in order to construct a persuasive argument.

 You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a meeting. You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Columbus, WI are here to help. We are committed to our clients’ interests, we work systematically to build your case, and it improves the chances of a favorable outcome.

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