DUI Defense Attorney In Chippewa Falls, WI

DUI Defense Attorney In Chippewa Falls, WI

Anyone who drinks alcohol and drives a vehicle faces the danger of being criminally charged with driving under the influence. Authorities have boosted their efforts to remove intoxicated drivers from the road. A common misunderstanding is that an individual must be inebriated to be charged with this offense.

Why You Need Skilled DUI Defense Lawyers in Chippewa Falls, WI

Mays Law Office, LLC understands the importance of protecting your rights and freedoms. Many persons get arrested for DUI after ingesting only a few alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse of judgment may have long-term negative consequences, such as imprisonment, a jail sentence, or a lengthy revocation of driving rights.

In addition, the number of individuals arrested for “impaired driving” or steering under the influence of drugs or alcohol continues to climb. People may be imprisoned even if they really are following their doctor’s instructions about the use of prescription medicines, which raises particular problems.

DUI Case Types We Handle

If you have been detained for drunk or intoxicated driving in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, you need an experienced DUI attorney to defend your charge and provide you with sound legal assistance. Our defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of DUI-specific issues, including:

  • Traffic stops – Was the officer authorized to stop your vehicle?
  • Field sobriety testing – Did police accurately administer the standardized field sobriety tests, and were the findings accurate?
  • Legal arrest – Was there justification for your detention?
  • Were you justified in refusing to produce a breath, urine, or blood sample as evidence?

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Chippewa Falls, WI have successfully defended DUI cases against legal challenges and prosecutions, resulting in acquittals and dismissals. Avoid jail time and keep your driving license and good record intact. Drunk driving situations have strict deadlines for initiating legal challenges; thus, you must contact us promptly.

Expert DUI Defense Lawyers In Chippewa Falls, WI

Consider the number of cases handled and the volume of clients serviced to determine the effectiveness of a law company. Our ability to achieve this level of success in various DUI cases sets us apart from other regional businesses. Most attorneys who “handle” drunk driving cases lack the motivation and expertise to assist their clients in rebuilding their lives. We have a flawless track record of overcoming hurdles of this nature. When you have a competent defense attorney on your side, your chances of beating these accusations increase dramatically. It is nearly impossible to anticipate the legal and technological challenges you may encounter while protecting yourself against such accusations, which is why our DUI Defense Attorneys in Chippewa Falls, WI are by your side from the beginning to the conclusion.

Even if we are successful in setting a dispute outside of courts, our success is not contingent just on acceptance and negotiation. Instead of settling fast, our lawyers prepare every matter as if it were going to trial and defend clients when others would rather deal with. No matter what charges you confront, you will always receive the best defense from us.

You can contact the DUI Defense Attorneys in Chippewa Falls, WI from Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719. They will have an initial consultation with you to determine the basis of your case and build a good argument. You can also write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back to set up a meeting.

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