DUI Lawyers in Whitewater, WI

DUI Lawyers in Whitewater, WI

If you have been caught for driving under the influence, it is reasonable to dread jail time, a harsh sentence, and the loss of your driving license. Mays Law Office, LLC prioritizes the protection of your rights. When you retain our DUI Defense Attorneys in Whitewater, WI, they will always be accessible to you. We invest the knowledge and effort required to get optimal results in your case.

Our DUI Defense Attorney in Whitewater, WI fight tirelessly to preserve clients’ rights, who face life-altering implications if convicted of DUI. In addition, we establish unique legal tactics to help our clients win their disputes and defend their claims in court.

Cases That Our DUI Defense Attorney In Whitewater, WI Can Defend

A DUI/DWI, driving while inebriated, or equivalent charge can be distressing for most individuals. The following variables are evaluated when providing services to our clients:

Before initiating a traffic stop, authorities must have probable cause to believe a violation has been committed. We examine whether or not law enforcement has abused your civil rights.

The findings of a breathalyzer test may not be reliable if the officers are not well trained, if they do not explain the procedure in detail, or if it is not administered in a well-lit location. Our legal staff has been trained in Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). If their conduct is substandard, we will know instantly.

A breath test reading that exceeds the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle is not always indicative of accurate findings. False positives might be the result of human errors or inaccurate assumptions, thus vigilance is advised.

Consider a law firm’s customer base while evaluating its success. Our way to accomplish this level of success in DUI cases distinguishes us from other legal firms. The majority of attorneys who fight drunk driving cases lack the knowledge and drive to assist their clients in rebuilding their lives. We have a perfect record of conquering obstacles of this nature.

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Whitewater, WI, Are Here to Help

When you have a professional defense attorney on your side, it improves your chances of winning in court . It is sometimes impossible to anticipate legal and technological obstacles while fighting against such accusations. No matter how many hours we save by avoiding court, our effectiveness is not contingent solely on accepting and negotiating plea bargains. Instead of rapidly reaching a settlement, our DUI defense attorneys prepare each case for court and fight when the opposing side attempts to negotiate.

You can reach Mays Law Office LLC at 608-535-4719 for further details about how our DUI Defense Attorneys in Whitewater, WI can help. We will arrange for an initial case evaluation to begin the process, or you may send your request via our Contact Us form. We serve clients in Madison and Middleton, WI, and the surrounding communities.

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