DUI Lawyers in Stevens Point, WI

DUI Lawyers in Stevens Point, WI

If you have been arrested for driving while impaired, it is natural for you to fear jail time, a severe punishment, and the termination of your driving rights. Mays Law Office, LLC places a premium on protecting your rights. When you engage with our DUI Defense Attorneys in Stevens Point, WI, you will always have easy access to them. We devote the skills and time necessary to get the best possible result in your case.

Our DUI defense attorneys in Stevens Point, WI work relentlessly to defend the rights of our clientele, who face life-altering consequences if convicted of DUI. Furthermore, we defend our clients’ claims in court and develop innovative legal strategies to help them win their cases.

Cases That Our DUI Defense Attorney In Stevens Point, WI Can Defend

For most people, facing a DUI/DWI, driving while intoxicated, or comparable charge can be upsetting. Among the variables, we evaluate while serving our clients are the following:

  • Before conducting a traffic stop, police officers must have reason to suspect that the offence has been committed. We investigate the legality or violation of your civil liberties by law enforcement.
  • The results of a breath test may not be trustworthy if the police are not well qualified, if they do not clearly explain the exam, or if it is not conducted in a well-lit area. Our whole legal team has Standard Field Sobriety Test training (SFSTs). We will know immediately if their performance is subpar.
  • A breathalyser measurement that exceeds the specified threshold for driving is not necessarily indicative of reliable results. This calls for caution because false positives can be the consequence of human error or faulty assumptions.

Consider the client volume of a legal firm when assessing its performance. Our ability to achieve this amount of achievement in DUI cases sets us apart from other law firms in the region. The majority of lawyers who “manage” drunk driving matters lack the expertise and passion to help their clients reconstruct their lives. We have a flawless track record of overcoming hurdles of this sort.

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Stevens Point, WI, Are Here to Help

When you have a skilled defense attorney on your side, it increases the odds of succeeding in court. When defending oneself against such charges, it is often difficult to predict legal and technological barriers. No matter how much time we save by evading court, our efficacy does not depend only on accepting and striking plea deals. Instead of quickly entering an agreement, our DUI Defense Lawyers plan each case for trial and battle when the other side tries to settle.

You can reach Mays Law Office LLC at 608-535-4719 for further details about how our DUI Defense Attorneys in Stevens Point, WI can help. We will arrange for an initial case evaluation to begin the process, or you may send your request via our Contact Us form. We serve clients in Madison and Middleton, WI, and the surrounding communities.

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