DUI Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI

DUI Lawyers in Prairie du Chien, WI

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you’re worried about facing time behind bars, a hefty fine, and losing your driver’s license. Mays Law Office, LLC recognizes the value of your future. When you choose us, you will work exclusively with our DUI attorney in Prairie du Chien, WI. We are wholly devoted to obtaining the best possible outcome in your matter and our experts will invest significant time and effort in doing so.

Our long history of success has earned us the confidence and trust of our coworkers and clients. Stephen Mays was named one of Madison Magazine’s Top Lawyers in different types of drunk driving cases by his peers. He is included as a DWI/DUI attorney on the Wisconsin Super Lawyers list, an award bestowed on just the top 2% of attorneys in Wisconsin. It means that you can be sure your legal matter is in the best hands.

Charges of DUI/DWI Are Defendable

Some people believe they will not be capable of defending themselves against charges of impaired driving, DUI/DWI, and similar related criminal offenses. The truth is that when we work with clients in Wisconsin, we take into account a range of factors, including the following:

A police officer must have probable suspicion before conducting a traffic stop. We look into whether their actions were reasonable and whether law enforcement violated your constitutional rights.

The findings of field sobriety testing may be invalid if officers do not fully explain the exam, perform it in poorly lit areas, or are just not fully trained. Mays Law Office, LLC is qualified in the same manner as police officers to administer Standard Field Sobriety Tests. We can determine whether they are carrying them out wrong.

Simply because a breath test indicates a blood alcohol content over the legal driving limit does not guarantee the findings are trustworthy. A positive result can be false due to human error or faulty, erroneous conclusions.

Our Prairie du Chien DUI attorney thoroughly examines all evidence and facts to bolster your case. Our attorneys have established and defended drunk driving defenses in Wisconsin’s Appellate Court and Supreme Court. This robust approach to drunk driving cases usually ends in charges being lowered or the case being dismissed outright.

    You Will Not Be alone If You Are Facing A DUI/DWI

    The sooner you obtain the services of an experienced defense attorney, the better your chances of effectively defending against these claims. It may be challenging to comprehend the technical and legal difficulties of fighting these charges independently. 

    We work closely with you to have a complete understanding of the case and its aspects before the legal work commences. When you meet with one of our knowledgeable DUI attorneys, we will work with you to establish a solid defense plan that optimizes your success chances.

    You can contact the experts at Mays Law Office at this number- 608-535-4719 for additional details on how we can help you. We will help with the initial case evaluation to start the process. You also have the option to send us your request digitally using our Contact Us form. We serve the cities of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.

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