DUI Lawyers in Monroe, WI

DUI Lawyers in Monroe, WI

Because of the possible consequences of a DUI arrest—jail time, a large fine, and perhaps the loss of your driver’s license—you’re probably terrified if you have been charged with drunk driving. Your future may be at stake, and Mays Law Office, LLC is conscious of the implications of the situation.  

Your primary point of contact while dealing with us will be a capable and skilled Monroe DUI attorney. We are committed to finding a solution to your problem that is in your best interest. Our attorney will pursue this goal will be pursued to the fullest extent possible. 

We have gained the trust of our customers, peers, and colleagues via our successful handling of comparable cases. Stephen Mays has been recognized by Madison Magazine as a leading DWI lawyer. In addition, he was also included on the Wisconsin Super Lawyers listing, which recognizes the state’s leading 2% attorneys.

You Can Fight DUI/DWI Charges

People worry that they won’t be able to defend themselves against DUI/DWI or other linked criminal charges since they don’t know how to do so. We take into account a wide range of factors while representing clients in Wisconsin, including the following:

  • Probable cause is required before a police officer can conduct a traffic stop. We look into their actions to see if they were lawful or if your rights were infringed.
  • If police officers administer the breathalyzer test in low-light conditions, fail to sufficiently explain the testing process, or are otherwise misinformed, the results may be incorrect. Mays Law Office can administer Standard Field Sobriety Tests, in the same way, that they are by police officers. We can see right away if the job was done wrong or if it was done perfectly.
  • Just because a breathalyzer identifies elevated blood alcohol, the level does not mean the findings are accurate. People can make errors or incorrect conclusions that lead to a false report.

Our DUI lawyer diligently researches and substantiates every piece of evidence in your case.   Our Monroe lawyers have successfully argued in the state’s appeals and court system against drunk driving allegations. Taking a proactive stance against drunk driving sometimes results in lower penalties or dismissal of charges.

    We Are Here To Provide the Best Legal Representation

    The sooner you retain the services of an accomplished criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances of successfully rebutting these charges will be. Defending yourself against such accusations is difficult because of the legal and practical obstacles that may develop. You won’t profit from working with inexperienced legal professionals.

    Before we begin any work, we meet with you in person to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the situation. When you hire a qualified DUI lawyer from our firm, they will create a strong defense plan that will greatly improve your chances of success.

    You can call Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719 for further details about the legal process to handle this charge, and we will arrange for an initial case evaluation to begin the process. You may also send your request digitally using our Contact Us form. We serve the cities of Monroe, WI, and the surrounding communities.

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    Whether you need a trusted, competent criminal defense lawyer to take your criminal or DUI to defend you or you need a knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyer to handle your claim, we have the experience, the knowledge, and the compassion to find the right solution for you.