DUI Lawyers in Monona, WI

DUI Lawyers in Monona, WI

If the police have apprehended you for driving while under the influence, it is normal that you dread imprisonment, a hefty punishment, and the suspension of your driving privileges. Your rights are of paramount importance to Mays Law Office, LLC. When working with our DUI Defense Attorneys in Monona, WI, you will have ready access to them. We invest the time and knowledge required to get the highest potential outcome in your case.

Our DUI defense attorneys in Monona, WI fight tirelessly to protect our clients’ rights, who risk life-altering repercussions if convicted of DUI. In addition, we defend our client’s case in court and devise unique legal tactics to help them fight their cases and get a favorable outcome.

Cases That Our DUI Defense Attorney In Monona, WI Can Defend

Facing a DUI/DWI, drunk driving, or similar charge can be distressing for most individuals. The following are some of the variables we assess while representing our clients:

Before initiating a traffic stop, law enforcement must have reasonable suspicion that you have committed the offence. We investigate the justification or infringement of your civil freedoms by law enforcement.

If police are not adequately trained, if they do not fully explain the test, or if it is not administered in a well-lit location, the findings of a sobriety test may not be reliable. All of our attorneys have Standard Field Sobriety Test training (SFSTs). We will know instantly if they are performing the tasks poorly.

A breathalyser reading over the legal limit for driving does not always indicate that the findings are accurate. This requires notice. True positives may result from human mistake or incorrect assumptions.

To evaluate the success of a law firm, consider the number of its clients. Our ability to accomplish this degree of success in DUI cases distinguishes us from the competition. The majority of attorneys who “manage” drunk driving cases lack both the skill and zeal to assist their clients in rebuilding their lives. We have a perfect record of accomplishment in overcoming obstacles of this nature.

Our DUI Defense Attorneys in Monona, WI, Are Here to Help

When you have a competent criminal defense attorney on your side, it increases your chances of success in court. It is very impossible to anticipate legal and technological obstacles while defending yourself against such allegations. No matter how many hours we save by avoiding court, our effectiveness is not only contingent on accepting and negotiating plea bargains. Instead of swiftly reaching a settlement, our DUI Defense Attorneys in Monona, WI prepare each case as if it would go to trial and fight when the other side wishes to reach a settlement.

You can reach Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719 for further details about how our DUI Defense Attorneys in Monona, WI can help. We will arrange for an initial case evaluation to begin the process, or you may send your request via our Contact Us form. We serve clients in Madison and Middleton, WI, and the surrounding communities.

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