DUI Lawyers in Baraboo, WI

DUI Lawyers in Baraboo, WI

You have worked diligently to build a life. You have a family, job, and lifestyle that are significant to others who care about you. If you are facing a DUI arrest, you may feel fearful, embarrassed, and anxious about your future. You have much to lose. You might even lose your license, financial stability, and independence.

If you have been charged with or detained for drunk driving, you need an active and competent DUI Defense Attorney in Baraboo, WI, to analyze your case and explain your alternatives. At Silva & Silva, our experts are devoted to providing our clients with the finest possible legal counsel. Even if it is a first offence, a DUI arrest carries severe penalties.

Types of Cases our DUI Defense Attorney in Baraboo, WI Can Handle

We will protect your rights and freedoms and seek a reduced sentence, discharge, or acquittal. Our defense attorneys are experienced prosecutors who are skilled at identifying and exposing holes in the state’s case towards you. We can protect you against the following drunk driving charges:

  • First-time crimes are punished less severely
  • Multiple infractions
  • Felony OWI
  • Rejections and McNeely Concerns
  • OWI causing injury

You also need an attorney who will pay heed to you and comprehend how the accusation impacts your life and family. You need counsel that prioritizes communication with you and incorporates it into your defense strategy. We will investigate every feasible defense tactic, including contesting the stop, breath, and blood tests, field sobriety tests, and other aspects of the arrests and investigation. We will protect your rights in both the criminal justice system and the administrative procedure of defending your driver’s license or lifting a revocation or suspension.

The Focus Of Our Attention During The Case

If you have been charged with driving while under the influence, you will need a qualified DUI defense attorney in Baraboo, WI, to defend your case and provide you with sound legal advice. Our defense attorneys are proficient in DUI-specific matters, including:

  • Was the police permitted to stop the vehicle?
  • Field sobriety testing – Did law enforcement conduct the standard field sobriety tests correctly, and were the findings accurate?
  • Legal detention – Did your custody have justification?
  • Was your right to decline to submit to a breath, urine, or blood sample as evidence violated?

Our DUI Defense attorneys in Baraboo, WI have successfully defended DUI cases against objections and prosecutions, resulting in mistrials and dismissals. Avoid prosecution and keep your license and driving record spotless. In cases that involve drunk driving, there are strict time limits for initiating legal proceedings; consequently, you must contact us immediately.

    Expert DUI Defense Lawyers In Baraboo, WI

    Even if we are successful in resolving a dispute outside of the courts, our success is not contingent solely on admission and negotiation. While some would prefer to settle fast, our lawyers prepare every matter for trial and safeguard their clients’ interests. Regardless of the allegations against you, we will always give the best argument. We will conduct a preliminary consultation with you to assess the basis of your argument and build a compelling argument.

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