DUI Defense Attorney in West Allis, WI

DUI Defense Attorney in West Allis, WI

Mays Law Office’s DUI defense lawyers in West Allis, Wisconsin are aware that many people are encountering the legal system for the first time as a result of a DUI accusation. If you’ve ever been accused of DUI, you are aware of how difficult the process may be. Negotiating the laws relating to these claims in order to resolve them with the fewest penalties or repercussions can be difficult.

A conviction for a banned alcohol concentration (PAC) infraction or an OWI can have serious and long-lasting repercussions. Suspects of drunk driving may also experience license suspensions, higher auto insurance rates, difficulties enrolling in school, and difficulties finding employment, in addition to fines and prison terms. We have successfully handled the cases of numerous customers who needed help with OWI and PAC-related concerns. Your rights and interests will be upheld by our West Allis, Wisconsin, DUI defense lawyers.

Why You Need Skilled DUI Defense Attorneys In West Allis, WI

A list of Wisconsin’s drunk driving regulations may be found here:

  • See Operating While Impaired (OWI) or Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC) for information about drunk driving in Wisconsin (OWI).
  • Driving when impaired by drink, narcotics, or other stimulants is a serious felony.
  • Even if a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is below the state’s legal limit, they may still be detained and charged with drunk driving. Many people are falsely charged with DUI due to this widespread misunderstanding, even though they have blood alcohol levels below the legal limit of 0.08%.
  • If your BAC is above than the allowed limit of 0.08, you could be arrested for OWI and PAC.
  • Penalties for OWI and PAC offenses, including jail time and license suspensions, may be increased by a prior conviction.
  • Following a DUI arrest, a person’s driving rights will be automatically suspended. It’s significant to remember that these suspensions take effect at various periods.

If the penalty for driving while intoxicated were increased, harsher punishments might be imposed. The punishments are the same as for a first offense and can be severe for a fifth or subsequent OWI conviction. The ignition of a vehicle may be disabled for anyone found guilty of operating one while intoxicated or otherwise prohibited. Prices can differ dramatically from one instance to the next since they depend on a wide range of contextual factors.

Types Of Cases Our DUI Attorneys In Appleton, WI Can Handle

In the event that you do not ask for a hearing within ten days of your conviction, the court will automatically suspend your license for six months. This limitation will go into effect before the trial even starts. Even if you have never been charged with OWI or PAC, you risk losing your driving privileges. We may still be able to keep you driving, though, if we can successfully refute the DUI allegations against you during the administrative suspension hearing.

As soon as you have any updates, let us know so we can try to stop your license from being suspended. Our legal staff is available to help you defend your constitutional rights. Don’t be afraid. We will protect your right to be treated properly, regardless of how serious the charges may be. As previously stated, contacting us as soon as you can might yield the best outcomes.

You can also send us a message using this Contact Us form, and a member of our staff will get in touch with you to arrange a consultation. Call the Mays Law Office at 608-535-4719 to speak with the DUI defense lawyers in West Allis, Wisconsin, and go through the specifics of your case.

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