DUI Defense Attorney In Wausau, WI

DUI Defense Attorney In Wausau, WI

You could lose your license or possibly be charged with a crime if you are found to be driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The government’s initiatives to prevent drunk driving have been stepped up. There is a common misconception that being accused of this crime requires being drunk. Even those who have had only a few drinks are accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Why Do You Need a Wausau, WI DUI Defense Attorney?

Your rights and liberties are important to Mays Law Office, LLC, and they are committed to protecting them. If you have a history of making poor decisions, it could result in a criminal record or the loss of your driving privileges. Considerable consideration should be given to the rise in the number of people detained for drunk driving. Given that there are major challenges in these situations, even if individuals follow their doctor’s advice and continue to take prescribed medications.

We Handle Criminal And DWI Cases In Wausau, WI

You’ll need a lawyer with experience in DUI cases if you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence. Our DUI defense attorneys have handled a variety of cases over the years, including those involving:

  • Was it okay for the police to stop the car?
  • Is it possible that the field sobriety test was given incorrectly by the police?
  • Exists a different justification for your detention?
  • You failed to provide any supporting evidence, such as breath, urine, or blood samples, for your assertions.

Our DUI lawyers in Wausau, WI, can help if you’ve been charged with DUI and want to keep your driving privileges while avoiding jail time. If you get in touch with us right away, we can help you avoid a DUI arrest more quickly.

Our Wausau, WI, Drunk Driving Attorneys Are Here to Help

How successfully a law firm handles matters and how many clients it serves can be used to gauge its effectiveness. Because we can withstand pressure and continue to achieve achievement, we have a significant advantage over our competitors. Most drunk driving defense attorneys lack the passion and motivation essential to help their clients reclaim their lives.

This kind of problem has come up before. If you are represented by a skilled criminal defense attorney, your chances of being exonerated are significantly higher. Our legal team will stand by your side and do everything within their power to safeguard your interests at every turn. One of the rare businesses that gives DUI clients the same amount of care as we do is ours. With you, our legal professionals will go through every aspect of your case in great detail.

Whether or if we settle out of court has no bearing on our success. Unlike other law firms, ours begins every case by preparing it for trial. Regardless of how serious the accusations are, our attorneys will always mount the finest defense on your behalf.

The Mays Law Office’s specialists can be reached by calling 608-535-4719. Our Wausau, Wisconsin, DUI defense lawyers are available to assist you. We will meet with you for an initial session to ascertain the foundation of your claim and create a compelling argument. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us a letter, and we’ll call you to arrange a meeting.

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