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If you face criminal charges, there is too much at stake to work with just any lawyer. Depending on the charges, you could face long jail sentences or even prison time and large fines, and your reputation may be tarnished forever. You need an attorney who not only understands Wisconsin’s criminal laws but also is willing to aggressively fight for your rights every step of the way.

At Mays Law Office, LLC, we will work to protect your future against felony and misdemeanor charges. With extensive criminal defense experience in Madison and surrounding communities, our legal team knows what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome to your case.

Protecting Your Future From A Broad Range Of Charges

The sooner you begin working with an attorney, the more likely you are to obtain a favorable outcome to our case. Our attorneys have earned numerous successes for our clients throughout Wisconsin facing the following charges:

Seeking The Best Solution To Your Case

Some criminal defense law firms try to settle your case as quickly as possible while avoiding the courtroom at all costs. Their attorneys may accept an early settlement, regardless of whether it is the best decision for your case.

Our firm takes every action to secure the best possible outcome to your case. Sometimes, we can negotiate favorable settlements that reduce the charges you are facing. In situations where we cannot reach a fair settlement or where settlement is not an option, our seasoned trial attorneys will fight for you in court.

No matter how complex or serious your case is, you can rest assured that we will always invest the necessary time, energy and resources into your case to protect your rights.

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Speak With Us About Your Case

We know how difficult it is to face criminal charges. We focus on fostering a compassionate, nonjudgmental atmosphere so that you feel comfortable speaking with our attorneys. Speak with us today at 608-535-4719 or send our office an email.