Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wausau, Wisconsin

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wausau, Wisconsin

Before choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Wausau, Wisconsin, take the time to do your homework. Most complex situations are beyond the capabilities of all lawyers. You risk having your reputation and freedom permanently ruined if you are found guilty of the charges you are facing. Defense attorneys committed to upholding their clients’ fundamental rights and knowledgeable about local law are required in these circumstances.

Cases In Which Our Wausau, WI Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If a legal conflict arises, our attorneys at May’s Law Office LLC will do every effort to protect your interests. You can rely on the attorneys at Mays Law Office LLC to exert all of their effort to help you win your case. If you’ve been charged with any of the following crimes, our Wausau, WI criminal defense lawyers can assist you:

False accusations can destroy a family’s stability regardless of how terrible the crime. So it’s probable that their reputation will be harmed. If you have any queries or concerns, stay away from this and contact us right away.

You need a lawyer if you’re under criminal investigation. Avoid talking to or discussing your case with any members of the law enforcement community during this time. Everyone has the right to legal representation if they have been accused of a crime. Victims of police misbehavior who feel their civil liberties have been violated may file a lawsuit for monetary compensation.

Our firm’s attorneys are committed to defending and preserving your liberties and rights. If successful negotiations result in a plea deal, the fines might be reduced. If we can’t reach an agreement, a trial may be required. Our criminal defense lawyers in Wausau, Wisconsin will always be by your side, no matter what takes place. We assist you in getting through this trying moment by working closely with you.

  • Assault/battery
  • Accusations of drunk driving
  • Unruly behavior
  • The use of drugs
  • Homicide
  • Sexual offenses
  • Violations of the law
  • Misdeeds of the wealthy

With Our Firm, Legal Issues Are Easier To Handle

We have successfully defended each and every one of our clients throughout the years, whether they were charged with DUI or other crimes. If you’re seeking for experienced legal representation, you’ve come to the correct spot. We are the best option in your situation because of various factors like

  • We are confident that we can assist you in the same way we have assisted individuals with comparable issues in the past.
  • Since the beginning of our firm, it has been our goal to give back to the community while continuing to practice the utmost professionalism.
  • individual focus on the unique needs of each client
  • We offer specialized legal guidance based on your individual circumstances. 

Our criminal defense lawyers in Wausau, Wisconsin carefully review every case they accept. Since everything is in the hands of experts, you need not be concerned about the caliber of our work. Look no farther than our group if you require legal assistance. Our clients are aware that they can rely on us for assistance during this trying period. 

For more information on how our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers in Wausau, WI may help, call Mays Law Office LLC at 608-535-4719. To begin the procedure, a consultation and evaluation will be scheduled first. Alternatively, you may use our Contact Us form to submit us your request for a consultation time.

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