Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mequon, Wisconsin

You should do extensive study before choosing a criminal defense attorney in Mequon, WI. Not every lawyer in our city is qualified to handle the trickiest cases. If you are proven guilty of the accusations made against you, you might be sentenced to years in jail, have your reputation damaged permanently, and be forced to pay substantial fines. Defense lawyers in these circumstances need to be knowledgeable about local laws and committed to upholding their clients’ constitutional rights.

Cases Where Our Mequon, WI, Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

They will use every effort on your behalf to defend you if a legal issue develops. Due to their extensive experience, you may trust our attorneys to secure the best result for your case. The following circumstances are where May’s Law Office LLC’s criminal defense lawyer in Mequon, WI can help:

    • Assault/battery
    • Drunk driving charges
    • Disruptive conduct
    • Drug charges
    • Homicide
    • Sex crimes
    • Traffic tickets
    • White collar crimes

    If a person is falsely accused of a crime of any seriousness, the stability of a family may be jeopardized. Their reputations could therefore suffer. Contacting us is always welcome if you have any queries or worries.

    You must obtain legal counsel if you are the subject of a criminal investigation. At this time, don’t communicate with police enforcement personnel. Everyone who is being investigated for a crime has access to legal representation. People who feel that police officers violated their rights when they arrested them may seek compensation.

    In Mequon, WI, our criminal defense lawyers will use every effort to keep you out of jail. If successful negotiations result in a plea deal, fines might be reduced. We will defend your legal rights in court if we are unable to come to an arrangement. Whatever happens, we will be at your side. We communicate with you immediately throughout the case and beyond to help you during this trying period.

    Reasons to Hire Us for Legal Issues

    Regardless of whether they were charged with driving while intoxicated by alcohol or narcotics, we were successful in defending each of our clients. You’ve come to the proper place if you need capable legal aid. Additionally, the following are accessible:

    • People charged with related offences have been represented by our company.
    • Our track record of knowledge and commitment in the community is impressive.
    • Individualized service tailored to each client’s unique needs
    • Personalized legal advice based on your particular requirements and situation 

    Our Mequon criminal defense lawyers thoroughly investigate each case. You can be sure that your situation is in competent hands and that there won’t be any quality compromises if you choose to work with us. We are here to help if you want justice. Customers may rely on us to provide them with the support they need at this difficult time because of our reputation as a trustworthy law firm.

    Please contact the legal professionals at Mays Law Office LLC at 608-535-4719. They will give you further details on how Mequon’s criminal defense lawyers may assist. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your case and begin the legal process. Through this Contact Us form, you can also request a consultation with us.

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