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If you suffer a workplace injury, you have a right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. This money can help ease the financial burdens you and your families are facing. You may be eligible for several different types of workers’ compensation benefits.

Trusted By Injured Workers For Over 20 Years

At Mays Law Office, LLC, in Middleton, we provide trusted workers’ compensation counsel to injured workers throughout Wisconsin. Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays has handled workers’ compensation cases for more than 20 years. She knows how to position your claim to recover all benefits you are entitled to receive.

If you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you may receive financial assistance for lost wages, medical costs and vocational training.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are perhaps the most common benefit you can recover after a work injury in Wisconsin. During your recovery period, you may be eligible for:

  • Temporary partial disability (TPD): If you are able to work reduced hours or at a lesser paying job during your recovery, you can receive TPD benefits. The amount you will receive will be proportional to amount of your lost wages.
  • Temporary total disability (TTD): If injured workers cannot work at all, they may receive two-thirds of their average weekly wages in workers’ compensation benefits. These payments continue during the complete course of your recovery.

After you reach maximum medical improvement, a doctor may evaluate you again to determine whether you suffered a permanent disability. Permanent disability payments can apply to either a partial disability or a total disability.

Medical Costs

You can include the costs of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses related to your occupational injury or illness within your claim. These benefits may cover office visits, medical tests, prescriptions, medical procedures, rehabilitation and transportation costs.

Vocational Training

If you cannot continue to work in your previous industry, workers’ compensation may cover the costs of your training. Eligible expenses can include retraining program tuition, transportation and lodging. You can also get income benefits during the vocational training period.

Do Not Risk Having Your Benefits Denied

All of these benefits can be an invaluable resource for you and your family. Too often, workers injured on the job are denied benefits and are faced with the prospects of shouldering these costs on their own.

Our lawyers will invest the time and resources into your claim to help you recover every dollar you deserve. Schedule an initial case review with an experienced lawyer through our contact form or by calling 608-535-4719.