DUI Lawyers in Dodgeville, WI

DUI Lawyers in Dodgeville, WI

If you are caught driving while impaired, you would be fearful of facing jail time, a huge fine, and the loss of your driver’s license. Mays Law Office, LLC understands that your future matters. When dealing with us, you will interact with our expert Dodgeville DUI attorney, who will be wholly committed to reaching the best possible conclusion in this matter and will expend the amount of time and effort required to achieve it.

Our impressive history of accomplishment has won us our clients’ and colleagues’ trust and respect. Stephen Mays was designated one of Madison Magazine’s Top Lawyers in DWI driving cases by his industry. His name appears on the Wisconsin Super Lawyers list as a DWI/DUI attorney, an honor awarded to only the top 2% of the state’s lawyers.

We Can Defend DUI/DWI Charges

Individuals fear they will be unable to defend themselves against intoxicated, DUI/DWI, or other associated criminal offense allegations. In reality, when we represent clients in state, we consider a variety of criteria, including the following:

  • Before performing a traffic stop, a law enforcement officer should have probable cause. We will investigate their behavior to see if they were reasonable and if the police officer violated your fundamental rights.
  • Field sobriety test results may be invalid if police fail to thoroughly explain the testing, conduct it in low light conditions, or are just not well trained. Mays Law Office, LLC is qualified to perform current Standard Field Sobriety Tests just as police officers do. We can immediately identify if they completed the tests incorrectly.
  • Simply because a breathalyzer displays a blood alcohol concentration over the statutory driving limit doesn’t mean the results are reliable. A false report might occur due to human mistakes or incorrect, erroneous conclusions.

Our Dodgeville DUI attorney thoroughly investigates all evidence and circumstances in your situation to substantiate it. Our attorneys have successfully created and defended drinking and driving cases in the Appellate and Supreme Courts of Wisconsin. This proactive approach to DUI cases usually reduces charges or dismisses the matter altogether.

    We Are With You In Your DUI/DWI Case

    The sooner you retain the services of a qualified defense attorney, the more likely you are to defend against these accusations successfully. It may be challenging to appreciate the professional and procedural hurdles associated with defending against such allegations on your own. It is not an area you can neglect, deal with on your own or by working with novice legal professionals.

    Before moving on to the legalities of the case, we consult with you extensively to gain comprehensive knowledge of the issue and its facts. When you meet with one of our experienced DUI attorneys, we will collaborate to develop a strong defense strategy that significantly improves your chances of success in your legal case.

    Contact Mays Law Office at this number- 608-535-4719 for additional details on how we may help. We will arrange the review of the case to initiate the process, or you can send us your request online using this Contact Us form. We serve Dodgeville, WI, and various surrounding communities.

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