Like most employees, you probably imagine your workplace to be safe. While this might be the case, accidents can still happen.

The National Safety Council discusses the top three workplace injuries.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur when you fall on the same level or if you fall to a lower level. These injuries may occur due to a slick floor or lack of slip-resistant shoes. Sometimes hazards left around the jobsite can also cause you to trip, fall and injure yourself. Other fall events include falling due to a collapsed structure or piece of equipment.

Overexertion injuries

Overexertion is the most common reason for work-related injuries. If you suffer an injury due to overexertion, you may injure your muscles or tendons through pushing, turning, carrying or lifting heavy objects. If you push yourself too hard or if your employer asks you to lift too many heavy items throughout the day, it could lead to serious injuries.

In addition to acute injuries, you can also suffer from repetitive motion injuries. These injuries are common among office workers and cashiers. Repetitive motion injuries occur when you repeat the same task over and over. While it does not involve strenuous lifting, it does cause harm to your body over time.

Object or equipment contact injuries

An object or equipment contact injury occurs if an object or piece of equipment strikes you while at work. It can also happen if you bump into a piece of equipment or if someone pushes you into it. More serious injuries occur when a person finds him or herself crushed between equipment or caught between shifting objects.