Modern technology makes performing many job duties easier than ever. If you regularly work with or near electrical currents, though, you must prioritize your personal safety. After all, an on-the-job electrocution may leave you with a variety of life-altering injuries.

If you sustain an electrocution at work, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to help you manage your recovery. Because staying safe at work is always a better option, you should understand the four common electrocution hazards at Wisconsin workplaces.

1. Bad wiring

You may have little control over the quality of the wiring at your job location. Nevertheless, old or damaged wires may put your life in danger. If you notice burned outlets, power outages or other signs of bad wiring, you should be certain you wear safety-rated protective gear. You should also familiarize yourself with OSHA’s electrical standards.

2. Overloaded circuits

Circuit breakers serve as fail safes to stop electrocutions. Unfortunately, though, if someone overloads a circuit, a serious shock or electrical fire burn may be imminent. When using extension cords, always confirm the circuit can handle them. Likewise, if you need to plug an extension cord into an already burdened circuit, unplug something else or find a new circuit.

3. Damaged equipment

A frayed or exposed cord on a piece of equipment may be dangerous. Consequently, if you use power tools, you should regularly inspect them for signs of wear and tear or other damage. You should also stop using equipment that poses an electrocution risk and notify your coworkers of the danger.

4. Entangled power lines

You may need to use a ladder to reach over your head and accomplish your job duties. Any time you climb onto an object, though, you should inspect the area above your head. If you entangle your equipment or yourself in overhead lines, you may sustain a potentially fatal injury.

While watching for overhead power lines always makes sense, you do not want other electrocution risks to sneak up on you. By being smart when working with electricity, you can do your job without suffering a serious injury.