When you suffer an injury at work, you have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, which will generally pay for your medical expenses and allow you to get payment for lost wages. According to the Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin workers’ compensation also offers payments for special circumstances. 

Certain injuries you may suffer allow you to get separate benefits from your standard benefits. 

Permanent injuries 

If you suffer two or more permanent injuries, then you will have an increase in the number of weeks you qualify for permanent partial benefits. You may also see an increase in the amount you can receive if your injury is to a dominant arm or hand. Do note that if you suffer an injury to your hand and that injury results in the loss of two or more fingers, this counts as multiple injuries. 


If your injury causes you to suffer a permanent disfigurement and this could lead to lost wages, then you may receive a payment that is comparable to your annual earnings. This benefit comes after an investigation into your situation and the potential for you to lose earnings based on your injury and work history. 

Toxic or hazardous exposure 

If you work with toxic or hazardous materials that could lead to an injury due to long term exposure, you may be able to collect wage loss benefits if you decide to quit that job. You may also get benefits for your exposure if your employer fires you, lays you off or transfers you. You do have to prove that staying in that position would have led to health issues.