The world of illegal drugs in Wisconsin is often a mystery to most residents of the state. Occasionally, high-profile cases reveal some interesting information about the use and sale of drugs.

This information shows the amount of money involved as well as something about the personalities connected to this world.

Man sentenced for supplying heroin ring

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a judge sentenced a man to 12 years in prison for supplying drugs to a heroin ring. The judge expressed amazement that a man who had no prior convictions and worked a good job should find himself in this position. The judge attributed the man’s connection to the drug ring to greed and selfishness. In a five-week period, the man supplied eight or nine kilograms of heroin to his cousin, a major heroin distributor in Wisconsin. Authorities suspect the man supplied drugs to the ring for at least a year. The man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deliver more than 50 grams of heroin and received the sentence of 12 years, though the Assistant District Attorney recommended a stiffer sentence.

Man arrested as ringleader

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on the same case of heroin distribution two years earlier.  At that time, authorities arrested the ringleader of the heroin ring. He faced 18 felony charges, most for illegal gun possession. Authorities stated at the man’s preliminary hearing that he supplied heroin and cocaine for about twenty mid-level to high-level dealers in the Milwaukee area. Federal, state and local investigators followed the man’s movements and phone calls for a three-week period. The article reported that a kilogram of heroin has a street value of over $75,000.