The blood alcohol legal limit in every state is 0.08%. This is a recent coordination between states that used to have varying BAC limits. The reason is that there was a lot of groups pushing for a nationwide limit and who wanted it to be at this low level. The reality is that it takes rather little alcohol consumption to reach the 0.08% limit, which makes it easier to get a DUI, but there is a very good reason why states have all chosen this to be the legal limit. explains that science and research show at 0.08% BAC every person will experience impairment that could affect his or her ability to drive safely. Alcohol interprets the brain’s ability to properly send signals to your different body parts, such as your feet and hands. It also affects general functions, such as focus and concentration. Keeping drivers below this limit helps to ensure they are not experiencing impairment and can drive safely, which led to this being the set limit in every state.

However, it may not be the lowest level. There are some states working to set even lower limits. Currently, the push is for a 0.05%. At this level, many adults would be able to only drink one alcoholic beverage without going over the limit. This brings out lobbyists who say a BAC limit this low would have a devastating effect on industries reliant upon alcohol sales, such as the restaurant industry. Supporters, though, point to the fact that this low of a BAC limit could save as many as 100 lives each year.