Drug crimes can affect everyone in a community in Wisconsin. This is especially true if someone in your community has a meth lab on their property. While you may think this type of thing does not happen within suburban or upper-class communities, you would be very wrong. Law enforcement has found meth labs in all types of communities. It does not matter where they are because they are always a danger.

Narconon explains that unlike many other drugs, methamphetamines are not natural. People make them from a combination of harmful chemicals. The process by which someone makes the drug is also seriously dangerous because it involves these toxic chemicals and unstable manufacturing processes. Typically, people who want to make the drug simply create a lab wherever they can, which could be right in your neighborhood.

It is very likely that during the course of making the drug, the lab will catch on fire or explode. When this happens, it is not a minor incident. It can impact everyone in the immediate area. It pollutes the environment as well. Any contact with the chemicals, whether contact to your skin or contact through breathing in smoke, is a risk.

The toxic exposure may even occur without an explosion or fire. This is why law enforcement and other officials who clean up these labs wear protective gear from head to toe. Exposure to the chemicals in methamphetamine can lead to cancer, brain damage, kidney damage and liver damage. It is also very hazardous to pregnant women as it may cause birth defects and miscarriages. This information is for education and is not legal advice.