Wisconsin workers like you go to your job day in and out and work hard to accomplish all of your tasks. Unfortunately, no matter how strenuous or dangerous you think your job is, the simple act of doing the same thing every day can be enough to injure you.

This is because repetitive motion can actually result in repetitive stress injuries. Healthline takes a look at repetitive stress injuries, also known as RSIs. These injuries are usually the result of the overuse of a body part, most often the wrist, fingers, hand, elbow, shoulder, or knees. Anyone who goes through repetitive motions throughout the day can be susceptible. This typically includes factory workers, assembly line workers, and people who do things like type or work the register of a shop.

RSIs will usually heal on their own when given the proper time to rest. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of resting. Plenty of workers go into their job every day while suffering from injuries, leaving them struggling to get through tasks that would otherwise not give them any issue whatsoever. The more you work, the worse your injuries could get, as well. It becomes a vicious cycle of the injury being overworked and worsening over time as the individual has to continue pushing through.

Having an RSI can seriously impact your ability to function and perform the tasks that may be vital to your job. Many people choose to seek compensation after suffering from RSIs because of the potential impact it might have. Unfortunately, it can be more severe than anyone expects.