Whether they are flipping burgers, checking out groceries or working at a beach or pool, having a summer job is a right of passage for many teenagers in Wisconsin. However, just like adults, teens can be injured on-the-job. The following are some common workplace injuries teens may face.

Teens working in retail or grocery stores may be injured by equipment and machinery. They may injure themselves by lifting something that is too heavy. They may also suffer repetitive hand motions. Slippery floors could also cause teens to injure themselves if they slip and fall.

Teens working at restaurants and fast food joints also face hazards. They may have to handle sharp objects that could cut them and hot cooking equipment that could burn them. They could slip and fall on a slick floor and they might strain themselves trying to lift something heavy. Teens working outdoors as, for example, lifeguards or at county or state parks, can also be injured on-the-job. Heatstroke is always a possibility in the summertime. They may get chemical burns from pesticides or pool chemicals. They could be involved in accidents involving machinery and vehicles. Heavy lifting could cause back injuries.

When teenagers suffer an on-the-job injury, like adults, they may be covered by their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. This means they may be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages until they can return to work. It is important that teen workers’ rights are upheld, so they can safely perform their job and receive compensation in the event of a workplace accident.