The state of Wisconsin takes drug crimes seriously. Thus, when individuals are accused of possessing, selling or trafficking drugs, the punishments are certain to be severe. Those accused are not only facing hefty fines and possible prison time, but that are also facing a criminal record that is sure to follow them. Because the criminal consequences of drug crimes are serious, it is important that those accused of such crimes understand what can be done to protect their rights in their defense against these allegations.

Initiating a criminal defense can be intimidating. This is especially true for those who do not have a record or have had any run ins with the law. At the Mays Law Office, LLC, our attorneys seek to ease this process y ensuring our clients fully understand their situation, their rights and what options they have when it comes to asserting a defense. With regards to drug possession cases, we investigate the matter further. How did these allegations come about, who was involved and what steps were taken?

Our goal is to ensure procedures and protocol was followed. Was there a lawful search and seizure? Was there a lawful arrest? If steps were missed or there was to probable cause to initiate a search, our law firm will take steps to challenge evidence used against out clients. This could ultimately help with the suppression of evidence and even the dismissal of the charges.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug offenses website. It is the right of anyone accused of a drug crime to assert a defense. Through a legal defense, one could take a plea or take the matter to trial. Initiating a strong defense is a defendant’s best chance at reducing or even eliminating the consequences they could face after being accused of a drug crime.