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Where to go after a domestic abuse arrest

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No arrest is convenient or pleasant. This is especially true if you’re arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident. Your home is where you would normally be most comfortable in processing a situation like this. However, Wisconsin law forbids you to have contact with your accuser for 72 hours after your arrest and that can include your home.


When can you return home? 

Contacting or returning to your home before the 72-hour moratorium ends could result in penalties of up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine. The law could consider visiting your accuser at work, the gym or another location as a violation of the 72-hour no-contact period. It’s a good idea to avoid any actions that the law could view as attempted contact in these 72 hours.

However, you may be able to obtain a waiver that allows you certain exemptions to these restrictions. Such a waiver could allow you to legally return home during this 72-hour moratorium. It’s up to your accuser to sign the waiver or not. If they refuse, continue to leave any contact with your accuser up to the police or your attorney.

Where can you go?

If you are unable to obtain a waiver, you will have to find somewhere to stay for a few days after your release. A few ideas for places to stay are:

  • Friends and family.
  • Hotels.
  • Local shelters that specialize in working with men.

You have options if you’re worried about displacement from your home after an arrest for alleged domestic violence. Attempting to contact your accuser during the 72-hour moratorium is a bad idea that can only worsen the situation. You have other options from relatives to hotels or shelters that can provide you with a warm bed for a few days until you can return home.

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