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Boaters can receive a DWI, just like motorists

Wisconsin has many wonderful lakes, and, as the weather heats up, people will be spending more time on the water. Boating can be a relaxing activity, and it is not unusual for people to drink alcohol while on a boat. However, they should be aware that they can receive a DWI for drunk boating just like a person driving an automobile while intoxicated.

Hospitals are common sites of workplace injuries

Health care providers in hospitals have an important job and must earn advanced degrees to treat their patients. While such jobs can be rewarding on a personal level, it is important to note that many health care providers in Wisconsin and across the nation suffer injuries on the job. Working in a hospital presents dangers that employers and employees should be aware of.

Where to go after a domestic abuse arrest

No arrest is convenient or pleasant. This is especially true if you’re arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident. Your home is where you would normally be most comfortable in processing a situation like this. However, Wisconsin law forbids you to have contact with your accuser for 72 hours after your arrest and that can include your home.

We protect Wisconsinites who have been injured on the job

No one anticipates being injured at work on any given day. Of course, some jobs in Wisconsin are more dangerous than others. For example, it is easy to see how those working in the agricultural, construction or manufacturing industries could be injured on the job. However, even those who work in an office environment could suffer an on-the-job injury that prevents them from working. When this happens, workers may want to pursue workers' compensation benefits.

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