The state of Wisconsin recognizes that sometimes there are underlying issues that cause a person to commit a criminal offense, such as drug addiction. Problem-solving courts, including drug courts, address these issues in a way that treats the offender, while still holding them responsible for the drug offense they committed. Dane County has drug courts that may be an alternative for some drug offenders.

The Dane County Drug Courts provide alternatives in prosecuting and sentencing individuals with substance abuse issues. Those in Dane County who are accused of committing a non-violent felony crime driven by drugs, and who present a medium to high risk of committing another such offense in the future, may be referred to the Dane County Drug Courts.

The drug court program lasts 12 months. The participant will be provided with rehabilitation services and will be frequently tested to ensure their abstinence. At the end of the program, the participant can have the charges against them reduced or dismissed altogether, and any time the participant may have to spend in prison could also be reduced or eliminated.

Drug courts integrate treatment services for individuals who have committed drug offenses, treatment they wouldn’t receive through traditional incarceration. These courts help reduce the possibility of having individuals addicted to drugs commit further drug offenses. In this way, not only do they help the individual who committed the drug offense, but they also protect the public. Those accused of drug offenses in Dane County may want to determine if they are eligible for treatment in the Drug Courts.