Being convicted of speeding has many consequences here in Wisconsin. One is that demerit points will be put on one’s record.

What impacts do demerit points have? Well, the big ramification is that getting too many of them can lead to a temporary loss of driver’s license. A license suspension is typically issued if a person has acquired 12 or more points within the last 12 months.

The length of the suspension depends on how many points a person has. At the low end it is two months (for 12 to 16 points), but it can end up being as long as a year (for over 30 points).

How many demerit points come from a speeding conviction? It depends on how much over the speed limit a person is found to have driven. Here are the demerit points for the different level of speeding:

  • Going 1-10 mph over the limit – 3 points
  • Going 11-19 mph over the limit – 4 points
  • Going 20 mph or more over the limit – 6 points

What can drivers do to protect their license in the face of demerit points from speeding?

Well, they could try to lower their point total, to put themselves farther away from the 12-point threshold. This can be done through taking a qualifying traffic safety course. This comes with a 3-point reduction. As a note, when a person receives this reduction, he or she won’t be eligible to get such a reduction again until three years pass.

Also, if demerit points do put a person over the 12-point threshold, a person might be able to get a limited license to allow for certain types of driving during the suspension period. This is called an occupational driver license. Whether a person would be eligible to pursue such a license depends on his or her circumstances.

Finally, it is important to note that points are given for convictions, not just for being accused of speeding. So, successfully fighting a speeding ticket would keep points off of one’s license. What options a person would have for challenging a speeding ticket and the likelihood of the success of such a challenge depends on the circumstances. Skilled traffic violation defense lawyers can help answer questions and provide guidance regarding contesting speeding tickets.