According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over half of the 2.9 million private industry injury and illness cases reported in 2015 involved days away from work, job transfer, or restriction. And while there are many different ways to navigate any given case, knowing what makes a strong claim is the key to getting the compensation you deserve. Here are just a few tips for having success when filing a claim for workers compensation. 

File With Urgency This should be fairly obvious, but if you’re filing a claim for workers compensation, it’s absolutely critical to do so as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Workers comp laws vary from state to state, but they typically require those affected to file their claim within 30 days of the incident. Otherwise, employers can deny the claim, and if not, the filing delay will certainly weaken your case. When it comes down to it, the sooner you file your workers comp claim after the injury, the higher your chances are for winning your case. Receive Immediate Medical Treatment Getting treated for your injuries and filing your workers compensation claim go hand-in-hand. If it’s a true emergency, don’t hesitate to call an ambulance, but otherwise, visit an urgent care center or make a doctor’s appointment for an evaluation as soon as you possibly can. This helps to expedite the process when it comes time to gather the appropriate documentation for your treatment. On top of that, insurance companies operate under the idea that if a person did not seek immediate medical attention after an injury, it wasn’t a serious injury. Ensure Consistency Finally, it is absolutely critical to make sure that the facts of your case are consistent. You need to take some time to think about what happened very carefully and always keep your story straight. This also goes for any witnesses that may be testifying or providing their witness reports on your behalf. The bottom line is that all parties involved in the case need to have the same understanding of how the injury occurred. Ultimately, being aware of these tips for filing a claim for workers compensation is the key to getting the settlement you’re entitled to. For more information about making a workers comp claim, contact Workers Comp Wisconsin.