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New To Workers' Compensation Claims? Here's A Quick FAQ To Help You Get Started

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topratedworkerscompattorneys-300x200.jpgWhen it comes to getting injured in the workplace, many people express confusion and frustration at the tedious process that comes along with opening a workers' compensation claim. However, this is usually because they don't fully understand the process. Filing for workers' compensation does require some background knowledge, and it's important to be able to navigate through your case should you ever get hurt on the job. Here's a quick FAQ regarding workers' compensation cases. 

How can an employee know if they're covered by workers' compensation?

Even though workers' compensation insurance covers more than 140 million U.S. workers (over 94% of employees), it can sometimes be complicated to find out whether or not you're specifically covered by workers' compensation. There are typically two main factors that go into determining your workers' compensation coverage status: whether you're an employee and whether your injury resulted from your employment. Of course, even if both conditions are met, you still aren't guaranteed coverage. Talk to top rated workers comp attorneys for more information about the specific details of your case.

Does an employee receiving workers compensation benefits stop receiving them upon their return to work?

This question has some gray area as well. It depends on wages, among other factors. says, "If the return to work enables the employee to receive wages equal to or greater than he or she was earning prior to the injury, then it is likely benefits will be stopped. If, however, the employee is still experiencing a wage loss due to his or her injury, he or she may continue to receive wage loss benefits, although the benefits will most likely be for a lesser amount."

Are there any limitations to workers' compensation coverage based on the circumstances of the injury?

Absolutely. Even though the vast majority of those who are injured at work will receive benefits, there are some strict limitations. These include injuries that resulted from horseplay, drug use, or improper equipment use. Again, workers compensation laws vary from state to state, so it's best to discuss your exact situation with a qualified workman comp lawyer.

Ultimately, understanding these technicalities is one of the best ways to ensure you'll get the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact the top rated workers comp attorneys at Workers Comp Wisconsin.

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