Finding yourself in need of a workers compensation attorney can be scary. If you never had a need to hire a lawyer before, it can be frightening and overwhelming to know if you found the right one. Price, location, prestige, and expertise are all considerations to take into account when looking for an attorney. Below are three musts a good workers compensation attorney should have. 

#1 Good Communication Skills

Having to file a claim for workers compensation is already a daunting process by itself. However, having an attorney with bad communication skills can make the process totally unbearable. A good workers compensation attorney will make sure to keep you current on any big milestones in your case, all while responding to any questions you have in a timely manner. Further, a good attorney will make sure to have the proper balance of being both straight forward and sensitive. You can get a good sense to an attorney’s communication skills from the initial consultation.

#2 Diligent

A diligent person is someone who takes great care in their work and is thorough in doing the tasks. Unfortunately, not all lawyers fall into this category. A good workers compensation attorney will make sure to be on top of your case. An attorney who is not diligent may overlook key aspects in your case or not take care of things in a timely matter. If you get a sense that your attorney is not diligent, then they may not be the right fit for you.

#3 Expertise in Workers Compensation Law

Any lawyer may say that they can take your workers compensation case, but why would you risk your benefits on an attorney with little to no experience in the field. There are different laws and procedures when it comes to workers compensation. When looking for a workers compensation attorney, make sure they have experience in workers compensation law.

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