Mays Law Office had a very successful year litigating workers compensation claims on behalf of Wisconsin injured workers. What follows are the highlights of some of Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays’ successes

Mays Law Office gets Kohl’s Employee Workers Compensation Benefits Immediately

Mays Law Office was pleased to get immediate benefits for a Kohl’s Department Store employee who injured herself at work.

The Kohl’s employee was frustrated that her workers compensation benefits were denied despite her fall and injury being clearly depicted on store surveillance. The Kohl’s employee hired Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays who conducted an investigation. It was learned that a co-worker witnessed the injury and video surveillance recorded the fall. Supportive medical proof was obtained by Mays Law Office and presented to the workers compensation insurance carrier. Attorney Pierobon Mays warned the insurance carrier that its continued denial of benefits was a mishandling of the claim. In turn, the insurance carrier hired legal counsel.

After reviewing the matter, opposing counsel advised the insurance carrier to pay benefits immediately (all lost time/wages and medical expense) and add an additional 10% for late payment in order to avoid any punitive actions. Moreover, Mays Law Office also got the Kohl’s employee back to performing light-duty work while healing.

Large Settlement for Wisconsin Nurse

Wisconsin nurse suffered a serious neck injury when transferring a disabled patient from bed to toilet. Nurse required a three-level cervical fusion resulting in permanent work restrictions. The employer was unable to offer the nurse work due to her restrictions. Employer’s workers compensation insurance accepted that nurse suffered a work injury with physical restrictions but claimed that nurse could still find work in the nursing field. Nurse hired Mays Law Office to help her because she was unable to find gainful employment in the workforce. Mays Law Office argued that nurse was 100% disabled and unable to work. A hearing was scheduled but a few days before the hearing, the workers compensation insurance carrier settled the claim for approximately $300,000.

Injured Landscaper Gets Full Benefits within 5 weeks of hiring Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays

Landscape worker injured his shoulder while working for a large Dane County landscaping company. The injury was so serious that he required a total shoulder replacement. However, when the Landscaper met with Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays he was frustrated that only minimal medical treatment and benefits were being paid by the workers compensation insurance company. Attorney Pierobon Mays filed for a hearing claiming that the insurance carrier had no basis to be denying the full shoulder replacement noting that its own doctor accepted that such a surgery was necessary for the work-related injury. Within 5 weeks of meeting and hiring Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays, Landscaper received all the benefits he was entitled, which included lost time, disability, medical expense, and medical mileage reimbursement. Mays Law Office is now taking the claim one step further in 2017 and pursuing a claim for retraining as Landscaper can no longer perform heavy work due to his post-surgical restrictions.

Mays Law Office Achieves Successful Settlement for Injured Technician

Technician works for a Wisconsin cable company. In 2013, Technician suffers a slip and fall at work severally injuring his left shoulder. The injury results in a full rotator cuff tear requiring surgery. After surgery, the shoulder is severally disabled and permanent physical restrictions prevent Technician from returning to his job at the cable company or any level of physical work. Insurance Company denies responsibility through its medical expert.

Technician seeks the help of Mays Law Office. Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays pursues a claim for permanent disability, lost wages, medical expense, and Retraining for 2 years of school at Blackhawk Technical College. A successful settlement is achieved for Technician when Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays finds flaws and inconsistencies in the report of the insurance company doctor.

Mays Law Office Forces Insurance Company to Pay Due to Error by Its Doctor.

Injured worker Jason suffers a 2012 right knee injury while working for a large Wisconsin construction company. Claim is accepted by insurance company and Jason undergoes 4. Jason is sent to well-known Wisconsin adverse medical examiner in April 2015 who determines Jason is at a healing plateau, surgeries were reasonable and necessary, and decides that the total permanent disability rating is 7% to right knee with physical restrictions that employer cannot accommodate. Jason thinks he needs to talk to Mays Law Office for such a small rating after 4 surgeries.

Mays Law Office reviews the matter with Jason and immediately recognizes that the opinion of the insurance company’s doctor is legally wrong. Mays Law Office sends astrongly worded letter to the workers compensation insurance company describing the law and offering a deadline date to correct before it will file a penalty claim.

Result – Within one week, the workers compensation carries hires defense counsel to fight Mays Law Office. However, legal counsel advices the insurance company that Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays is completely correct and instructs the workers compensation insurance company to pay additional monies to Jason immediately.

Over the next year, Mays Law Office continues to advocate on behalf of Jason and gets him an additional $100,000 plus for additional permanent disability, lost time, medical expense and the cost of retraining for different employment.