Auto Insurance after OWI

After serving a sentence and paying a fine, a person convicted of drunk driving (DUI, DWI, or OWI) in Wisconsin is eager to return to life as it was before the charges. In most parts of the U.S., normal living (school, work, other activities) involves driving, and driving requires automobile insurance. While the worst parts of the DWI charge may seem to be behind you, you are then faced with yet another consequence: trying to obtain auto insurance after OWI conviction. An experienced DWI defense attorney can explain, and perhaps help you avoid, the range of consequences of a DWI conviction in Wisconsin.

Terminated Coverage, Rejected Applications, and Higher Premiums from Drunk Driving

A check of an applicant’s driving record is routine for most auto insurers. If the company decides to issue a policy to a driver, the driver’s record will be reviewed every three years. An applicant whose record shows a DWI conviction in Wisconsin may have his or her application for coverage rejected. An insurance company that learns of a DWI conviction, for a driver it already insures, may raise the driver’s premium, or even cancel the driver’s policy. The cost of coverage with some companies is so high that driving may no longer be an option. Unless a person can rely on public transportation or on friends and family members, paying an exorbitant insurance premium may be the only choice. Rates should go down after a safe driving record is re-established.

If an insurance company drops a driver’s coverage, or if a company refuses an application for insurance, the driver will have to look elsewhere for coverage. Some insurance companies are willing to insure Wisconsin drivers who have DWI convictions. Some such companies sometimes cater to drivers with DWI convictions. Even with the companies that welcome DWI offenders, the premiums will be far higher than those the driver paid before the conviction. Insurance is a requirement, however, and it is reassuring to know that there are companies that are willing to take the risk involved in covering Wisconsin drivers whose records may be less-than-perfect, giving those drivers convicted of a DWI a chance to get a better start at building a better future.


This is what you have been waiting for: you have your driver’s license back, and you are eager to get back behind the wheel. Before you do, you need to check into your insurance, and learn if you still have coverage, or how you can obtain coverage. If you or someone you know is facing a DWI charge in Wisconsin, an experienced DWI defense lawyer can explain all the possible consequences and represent you zealously.

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