Once you have received a physician’s permission to return to work following an occupational injury, you will most likely wish to return to your previous job. This can prove problematic. Your employer has no legal responsibility to hold a position for you or create a new one once you have made your recovery.

If your employer refuses you without a reasonable cause, Wisconsin state law states that you may be eligible for compensation for wages lost during the period of refusal. This can amount to up to one year’s worth of wages. Establishing clear lines of communication between you, your doctor and your employer throughout your recovery process is the surest way to avoid complications once you are ready to return to work. By maintaining an ongoing relationship, your employer can be informed as to your progress and together you can create a reasonable work plan outlining your re-insertion into the work force.

Sustaining a strong relationship with your employer can also benefit you should your employer decide not to rehire you and you request a hearing to challenge your employer’s decision.